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We are Hugh and Elsie Lyford. We are both originally from the West Country and after living in London and Surrey for the past 15 years, we decided to move back here with our young family, to start our own business. We bring with us a diverse range of experience; Art and Design and Music have played a large part in our lives.


Hugh has worked with the New England Shutter Company at their head office in London for the past few years as a surveyor and installer of shutters. Our belief in the superior quality of the shutters is very evident and was the defining reason for starting our own business measuring, designing and installing New England Shutters.


We are proud to say Bath and West Shutters offer the finest handcrafted shutters in the West Country where there is currently a huge demand for high quality, bespoke shutters. Whilst there are companies here offering mass produced shutters, we are the only company in the area who will be able to offer a truly bespoke product.


We are passionate about good design, quality workmanship and impeccable service. Each set of shutters is designed and built to order to suit our client's specific needs. Our shutter design and finish possibilities are endless.


Our shutters come from the New England Shutter Company who own their own factory. Each set of shutters is handmade in the factory by carpenters using all species of joinery quality woods. The New England Shutter Company support sustainable forestry and only source wood from environmentally responsible suppliers who they have been working with for many years. Our painted shutters are made from North American Tulipwood (Liriodendron Tulipifera), which is a very light, very strong wood. Tulipwood is used in many applications including furniture, joinery, moldings and high quality drumsticks. We only use wood grown in North Eastern America from New England as this area has the ideal climate to grow the best trees. The climate is very stable, without too much sun or rain. This means the trees grow slowly and very tall and straight. This makes the fibers in the grain tight and close together making it very strong. The same trees growing in southern Russia or Northern China get a lot of sun and rain which makes them grow very quickly, giving the grain open fibers making a softer and less stable wood. This is why most woods coming out of China must be either laminated or finger jointed, and why we will not use it.


Bath and West Shutters is streamlined and efficient with a peerless service. Please contact us for a free estimate, design advice and a no obligation measure appointment.

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